About Us

EternalGarment.com is the very first Muslim Matrimonial site specifically catered to Previously Married Muslims (e.g. Divorced, Widowed, Annulled, Reverted, etc). Of course, we whole-heartedly welcome muslims who are never-married, yet are open to the idea of marrying muslims who may have been previously married. May Allah (swt) bless you for opening up your hearts… Ameen.

The process of finding a good spouse can be difficult enough. Add to that the unfair negative stigma of being previously married, and that often makes it incredibly challenging to find a compatible spouse for marriage.

EternalGarment.com provides an unique avenue for previously married muslims to have a dedicated site to meet other similar muslim members for higher compatibility and faster successful matching insha’Allah. Previously Married Muslims looking for spouses are generally more serious about getting remarried quickly, and thus are more likely to respond promptly and minimize time waste. On this site, members will also save themselves from getting rejected simply for having been previously married.

Additionally EternalGarment.com is the only Muslim Matrimonial Website that is officially endorsed and supported by 35+ Islamic scholars. The website is also very serious about member privacy and enforces respectful conduct, and is designed to be a halal environment for seeking marriage ONLY. (We strive to keep the scammers and daters away).

It is our sincere hope and prayer, that you will find your Eternal Companion very soon insha’Allah.

All the Best and Happy Searching 🙂